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Splash Walnut Creek

Construction is well underway and we look forward to seeing everyone in Walnut Creek this summer! Splash Walnut Creek is going to be a first-class swim school, and we are excited to announce our opening date very soon. We are also working behind the scenes on the schedule and pre-enrollment plans. Subscribe to our new location updates newsletter, and you will be one of the first to know!

Interest in the new location has been fantastic! We have received lots of great questions, and we thought we would include some of the more common ones below. Let us know if you have more!

Question: Will there be any additional fees to transfer a child from San Ramon to the new, Walnut Creek school?

Splash: There are no fees to transfer between classes within a facility, or between the locations of San Ramon and Walnut Creek. All we require is a 24-hours notice to change your regularly-scheduled class, and we will be happy to move your student(s) into an available spot at another time, day, and/or location. Also, as a current San Ramon student, you will be eligible for a special priority enrollment period should you wish to transfer to Walnut Creek!

Question: Will there be an early signup period for Splash Walnut Creek? How will we know when to sign up for lessons?

Splash: Being on this email list means you will be among the first to have details as to the class schedule and when enrollment opens. Also, please Like us on Facebook as we will also post updates there concerning when the Walnut Creek early enrollment period is open, as well as schedule updates, holiday breaks, and upcoming events.

Question: Will you have Superfish Club at the Walnut Creek location?

Splash: We are currently working on the schedule, and yes, we are planning to open Superfish Club shortly after we open in Walnut Creek.

Question: What is the Superfish Club?

Splash: It is a pre-competitive swim class that is offered at select times throughout the week. These classes are run along the length of the pool for added endurance, are forty-five minutes in duration, and have 6 students per 1 instructor. The main focus of the Superfish Club is a technique, but swimmers also learn skills that they will need for participation on the swim teams, such as learning to read the pace clock and circle swimming.

Questions regarding age-group classes. We received several questions about age-specific lessons and class sizes as follows:

What will you have for 5 and 6 year-olds, and what’s the class size?

Splash: For children ages 3 and up, we have our Ribbon Level program. These small group classes are a half-hour, once-per-week, and have a 4 to 1 student to instructor ratio. A personal consultation with our office staff will help you determine the most appropriate Ribbon Level in which to start your child, based on previous experience and age. Please go to our web site to view Splash Swim School’s Ribbon Level program.

What do you have for 18-month-olds?

Splash: We have our Water Babies class for 6-36-month-olds. These classes are a parent or caregiver participation class and have a 6 to 1 student to instructor ratio. For more information, visit our Water Babies page on our web site.

Question: Will the Walnut Creek pool be indoors and warm?

Splash: Yes! Splash San Ramon is indoors, and the Walnut Creek facility will be indoors as well. Both are heated to 92 degrees year-round for the comfort of our little swimmers!

For more information on our program and philosophy, please visit Our Program page on our web site, or call the office at 925-937-7946. Also, visit our FAQ page for answers to other commonly-asked questions.