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Water Babies (6-36 Months)

For our littlest fish with little or no water experience, we offer a Water Baby class. Through this swim class, your infant or toddler will acclimate to the aquatic environment and begin to lay a foundation for their future swimming skills at a pace that is comfortable for them and their stage of development. Basic swim fundamentals such as gentle submersions, back floats, and learning to climb out of the pool will be introduced and rehearsed each week, all in the context of songs and games for the student’s enjoyment.

girl swimming under water

Class Information

Tuition: $155 per month

Parent or caregiver participation is required for this class, as the introduction and exploration of the new environment in the hands of someone the student trusts will facilitate quicker learning. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the skills and techniques our instructors use with our students, so they can be practiced outside of class. Best of all, by taking part in a Splash Water Baby class, you will be receiving thirty minutes of uninterrupted bonding time with your child—no distractions, just you and your child learning and playing together.

Once a child is ready to graduate from a Water Baby class, they will transition to either an Advanced Toddler or a Ribbon Level group class, based upon age, readiness and water confidence. The ratio of our Water Baby class is six student-caregiver pairs to one instructor (6:1).


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