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Birthday Parties

Looking for a different venue for your child’s birthday? Have the winter birthday blues? Have a Splash Bash!

Come enjoy an indoor swim party at one of our Splash schools. Let our staff make your child’s special day fun and stress-free for all.

boys swimming under water

Party Information

Cost: $400 for current Splash members/$450 for non-members

Splash Bash parties are 2 hours in length with an hour and 15 minutes in the pool and 45 minutes in the lobby for cake and presents. Our party hosts and staff will help with set-up under your direction, oversee swim time, serve food, and clean-up after the party comes to an end. Also included are some party basics such as paper plates and waters or juice, as well as a t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl. For details, call our Party Coordinator at 925-838-7946, x1.

ave a child attending a party at one of our schools? Find our Party Release form here.


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