Levels & Awards at Splash

Ribbons are achievement awards presented to our students. They signify the successful accomplishment of very specific skills and are a measure of a student's progress through our program. Instructors may award ribbons at any time the student demonstrates mastery of all skills listed for that particular ribbon level.

Pink (fins)

pink ribbonParticipate in class without a parent.

Rainbow (fins)

ribbon RAINBOWFollow directions and wait one's turn, make balloon faces, and actively participate without crying for three weeks in a row.

Yellow (fins)

ribbon YELLOWSwim 10 feet independently and with eyes down.

Green (*)

ribbon GREENDo 5 up-face or Turtle Breaths across the pool (*with fins) and be able to jump into the water, return to the wall, and climb out safely.


ribbon PURPLE v2Float on back comfortably (Starfish float); kick and scull with rollover breathing (Peanut Butter & Jelly) for 36 feet and then back kick and scull (Peanut Butter) for 36 feet, consecutively.


ribbon WHITETread water for 1 min, Submarine Swim underwater for 18 feet, retrieve objects from a depth of 6 feet in a Treasure Hunt, and dive safely.


ribbon REDSwim 36 feet of touch stroke freestyle with good side breathing, 36 feet of backstroke, and 36 feet of dolphin kick.


ribbon BLUESwim 72 feet of freestyle with streamlines, 72 feet of elementary backstroke, and complete a Submarine swim for 36 feet underwater.

Bronze Starfish Certificate

ribbon BRONZESwim 72 feet each of freestyle with flipturns and backstroke with competition legal technique.

Silver Starfish Certificate

ribbon SILVERSwim 72 feet each of freestyle with flipturns, backstroke, and breaststroke with pull-downs (competition legal technique).

Gold Starfish

ribbon GOLDSwim 72 feet of each of the four competitive strokes with legal technique.