General Lesson Information


Class Tuition Drop-in Rates   
    (non-enrolled) (currently enrolled)
Ribbon Level Group Classes $108/month $25/class $16/class
Water Baby Classes $108/month $25/class $16/class
Advanced Toddler Semi-Private Classes $160/month $37/class $27/class
Private Lessons $272/month $63/class $53/class

Annual Membership Fee                          

 $35 per student (non-refundable)    

After your initial enrollment and registration, each month’s tuition will be charged via direct debit on a credit card or bank account on the 1st business day of the month. For more detailed information about our payment policies, please see our registration packet.

Depending on the calendar, some months you will get four lessons and others you will get five for the same rate. Any unused gift cards or credits on your Splash account will be automatically applied during the debit run, and if there is a Splash holiday in the month, tuition will be pro-rated accordingly. Please see our Holiday Schedule or contact the front desk at one of our locations for further information.

For your convenience, we proudly accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Discounts & Promotions

refer-friend-splash-swim-schoolCustomer Referral Program: Refer a friend or family member who enrolls in our program, and as a current Splash family, you will receive a credit on your Splash account (a $25.00 value). The friend or family member need only mention that you referred them to us at the time of their enrollment, and we will then automatically credit your account with the free class. There is no limit to the number of referrals a family can make! (This offer valid only for new referrals to Splash.)

Sibling & Multiple Class Discount: Enroll in three or more classes per week and receive 10% off your family's tuition.

Active Service Discount: Students with a parent currently serving in the US Military or currently working as Police or Firefighters will receive a 10% discount off tuition.

General Policies:

Changing Your Class Schedule: If you need to make a change to your regularly-scheduled class, simply contact us twenty-four hours before your next lesson. We will be happy to move your class to another day or time, based upon availability.

For planning purposes, keep in mind that our lesson week runs Monday thru Sunday, and because we hold your student’s spot in their lesson exclusively each week, we unfortunately cannot accommodate same-day moves.

Withdrawing From a Class: Should you wish to cancel your class for any reason, we ask that you provide us with a minimum of thirty days advance written notice. Withdrawal forms can be processed at any time. If the last class falls on a day other than the last lesson day for the given month, tuition will be automatically pro-rated. Forms are available at the front desk, or you can simply send us an email at

Special Notes:

If you have a student enrolled in multiple classes and you wish to cancel one of the multiples, we only require advance written notice of one week. The thirty day policy still applies to the student’s principal class.

If your student has recently been awarded a Starfish Award in one of our Ribbon Level classes, congratulations! These awards are considered graduating levels, and you may cancel your child’s class with a one week written notice.

Make-Ups: When you enroll your student into a class, that spot is held exclusively for you, and we will have a qualified instructor and warm water waiting for your child each week. As such, we do not offer make-ups, refunds or credits for missed classes. If your child is unable to attend, you have three options:

1. Bring your child to his or her next scheduled lesson.

2. Schedule a drop-in class. Each currently-enrolled student receives up to 3 Splash Passes per year for complimentary drop-ins. After that, drop-in classes can be purchased at a discounted rate.

3. Attend a complimentary family swim event at one of our schools. Please contact the office for dates and schedule.

Consistency is one of the keys to our program, and we ask that you do your best to regularly bring your child to swim class. Should you find that your current schedule is no longer convenient, please contact the office about changing your regularly-scheduled class.

If we cancel a class for reasons which are within our control, we will try and re-schedule your child’s lesson for that week so that he or she does not miss an opportunity to practice their skills, or if you prefer, apply a credit to your Splash account for future use.

Swim Diapers: All children under the age of three must wear a fitted, reusable swim diaper while swimming.  These are available for purchase in the office.  Plastic training pants, disposable swim diapers or regular diapers are NOT allowed.

Teacher Requests: While we will take all teacher requests into consideration, we cannot guarantee them due to circumstances beyond our control.  We also may need to make instructor changes due to business considerations. It is our aim and goal to provide the best possible swimming experience for all of our students.

Class Consolidation: At Splash Swim School, we specialize in small group lessons.  In order to maintain the optimal learning environment, we reserve the right to cancel and reschedule classes that do not meet the minimum of two students.