Ribbon Level - Small Group Swim Classes

inset image ribbonOur small group, learn-to-swim classes are our most popular and are broken down into specific levels, called Ribbon Levels, to ensure appropriate placement of each child per their water experience and age. Each ribbon color represents a certain set of skills that a child has accomplished or is working towards. Ribbon Level classes run for thirty minutes, once-per-week and have student-teacher ratios of 4:1. To enroll, we generally require students to be a minimum of three years of age.

For example, if your child is comfortable with swimming a dog paddle-like stroke for ten feet, but your child is not able to lift his or her head to breathe and continue on, your child would be considered a Yellow, and would be enrolled into a Yellow class. In this class, your child will work on learning to take Turtle Breaths while swimming across our pool. Your child will also learn to jump into the pool, and swim back to the wall without assistance. Once your child has mastered these skills, your child will earn his or her Green ribbon and begin working towards the Purple ribbon.

Please note that the first two ribbons in our program, Pink and Rainbow, reward attitude and adjustment both to the water, as well as to swim class in general. These ribbons are designed to give your beginner swimmer the positive reinforcement he or she may need to get his or her swim skills off to a good start. For example, students enrolled into a Pink class will be awarded a Pink ribbon on their very first day, just for getting into the water and participating in class. Even if a child cries, we see this as a small, but important step towards the greater accomplishment of learning to swim, and we want the student to see that as well! All other ribbons (Yellow and above) are awarded upon mastery of physical skills in the water. We want our students to be excited and proud of their swim lessons!

Ribbon Level Class Tuition: $108 per month