Advanced Toddler (30-36+ Months)

inset image toddlerFor our little fish who are either Water Baby graduates or coming to Splash Swim School with significant previous water experience, we offer an Advanced Toddler class. This semi-private class is designed specifically for our more advanced little swimmers who are ready to leave the parent-tot class behind before they turn three years of age, but who still may need a little more attention and/or supervision than they would receive in a small group lesson.

Our goals in this class are to push these students' swimming skills as far as we can in the time they are enrolled in this class and to prepare them for the small group environment by practicing such important safety skills as listening to the instructor and waiting their turn. Lesson plans for Advanced Toddler classes follow the Ribbon Level program of Splash, so students will earn their ribbons as mastery of the skills are attained. The student-instructor ratio of the Advanced Toddler class is 2:1.

Advanced Toddler Tuition: $160 per month